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    Stories of women told by a woman through her camera


    I am an Indian, I am a woman. This is not only my story, these are the stories of many other women. Stories that have been overshadowed for too long. Stories that need to be told. I’m on a mission to bring attention to the stories of rural women in India. Stories which are not seen in our social circles or social media. Stories that tell not only of the constant struggle to survive, but also of celebration of life, culture. Stories of a woman's strength to persevere in the most difficult of circumstances.

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  • The Mission

    'Women of India' is a passion driven personal project. Growing up in a small town to working in the financial capital of India, I have seen both the extremes of a woman's life and how hard their life can be. The struggle to live their life on their own terms starts from within their families and permeates to every aspect of their existence in the society. Although I've been fortunate enough to carve out a decent life out of my existence, there are many out there still waiting for a chance. I am on a mission to tell the untold stories of 'Women of India' which remain unseen in our daily lives and social media.


    Making an Impact through Visuals

    A picture is worth much more than a thousand words

    Images make an impact. They touch us deep. Images have brought massive change; they have brought revolutions. And there is no better way to tell a story than through a powerful image. I hope to express the stories I come across through the medium I know best : Photography.

    Connecting the Rural and Urban world

    Reducing the gap

    While things are changing in some of the bigger cities, the

    larger part of India, especially rural India is still far behind where discrimination against women is largely white-washed under the label of ‘Indian culture’. When it comes to modernization of thought and freedom of choice and speech , the progress in this part has been minimal. This is a platform to connect these two worlds.

    Breaking the 'Silence'

    A platform to share your story with the world

    Equality and Egalitarianism are utopian concepts and are far from reality in our society. These have always been used to appease the masses while we keep listening to the horror stories of violence, rape and harassment against women every day. But, the greater threat and the root to all these nuisances is the acceptance of these as the social norm towards women. And most of the times, all they need to do to stop being a victim is to break their silence.

    Get Inspired

    Sharing the stories of Heroes

    Stories of struggle, stories of win, stories of breaking the norms- stories of women. Stories are immensely powerful. Inspiring stories can change one's life. Indian soil has seen many great women heroes and their stories have inspired generations but there are many more stories waiting to be told. I bring the stories of common women in the hope that it can inspire others.

    Bring Help to 'her'

    A little can make a difference

    I often meet women who are looking for a medium to improve their lives. All they have is a flicker of hope for it to happen. They work hard day in and day out and constantly await a medium to speak out. Alone, I feel helpless at times, knowing there's not much I can do. WOI is a crowd sourced social movement. I am looking for collaborations with NGOs and women welfare organizations or anyone who can come forward and help some of these women.

  • Who Am I?

    Hi, I am Deepti. Photography happened to me a few years ago when I had no clue where my life was leading to, sitting in an office cubicle . The corporate life was limiting my ability to grow, think and contribute. A self learned photographer and a student for life, photography took me to the remotest corners of the country. It gradually became a medium for me to express my feelings and share the stories of people I meet. The stories of women I met during the last few years have particularly inspired me and I hope to put whatever little I have learned over the years to some good use and return to society and people who helped me build what I am today.

    Deepti Asthana


  • WOI

    This is a behind the scene video, which would allow you to have a glimpse of how I work on the field. Being a solo woman traveler, I am fortunate to spend time with these wonderful women, I connect with them easily and this gives them the comfort to welcome me in their lives. WOI is a platform to celebrate their stories through my lens and words.

  • My other Projects!

    I bring stories from the remote corners of my country to bridge the gaps between two Indias

  • Connect With WOI

    WOI is dedicated to bring a social change through its images and stories. And that would only be possible if I can connect the two worlds through social media. I bring these stories from the remotest corners of India and share them with those who are privileged to have education, access to internet and other medium. I request you to support this project and get connected to WOI to make it a successful social movement. Drop me a line on deepti.asthana@gmail.com

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    I am eagerly looking for your feedback about this project, suggestions to make it a success or a story which you want me to cover. I am also looking for collaborations with organizations which can support the cause of women.

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